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Fragile Eccentrics Clothing

Yummy Green Candy Charm Bracelet

Yummy Green Candy Charm Bracelet

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Green smoothie and berry beaded bracelet with pearls, sweets, and gummy bear charms.

These are handmade, hand crafted beaded bracelet with green and paint splatter design detailing pearls, with four cute little charms attached with the bracelet. Sweet Candy, green smoothie, jewel heart, and green glitter gummy bear . This bracelet is for all ages, weather your a child who loves to play and be fashionable and have fun or a adult who loves cute and fun things! This fashion accessory will bring joy to you, especially for gifts !

These jewelry is locally made in Austin TX if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at our message board .

Fragile Eccentrics

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